Toddler Won’t Let Me Cut Nails: Do This

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If you have a toddler, you know that trying to do anything with them can be a challenge. Even something as simple as trying to cut their nails can be a battle. 

Ive been through this struggle and Ive come up with a few tips that might help you if you find yourself in the same situation.

In this post, I will go through some of these amazing tips and tricks and will also talk about some of the reasons why a toddler wont let me cut nails.

Should You Cut Babys Nails?

It is super important that you keep your little ones nails clean and short because long nails can easily trap dirt and bacteria and when your toddler puts their hand inside their mouth, these germs will get inside them increasing the likelihood of them becoming unwell.

Should You Cut Babys Nails

Another reason why you should cut your babys nails is because their nails are usually delicate and not as strong and could easily get worn down by their clothes.

Additionally, they might even scratch themselves if their nails are sharp or jagged. You should definitely cut your baby’s nails if you see they need to be smoothed.

Baby nails grow quickly, so keep an eye on them and trim them as needed. But make sure not to trim the sides of his fingernails or toes because it might lead to ingrown nails and infections.

Why Wont My Toddler Let Me Cut Their Nails?

There are number of reason why babies dont like getting their nails cut, here are some of the most common reasons:

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Sensitivities are one of the most common reasons why your toddler wont let you cut their nails.

It is possible that your toddler might be having a sensory sensitivity when you are cutting their nails and it might be an intense feeling for your baby even if it does not cause any pain. Read more about this here.


Having a phobia can occur at any age, but it typically results from a life event that left us feeling extremely frightened, hurt, or uncomfortable. 

nail cutting Phobia

If you feel your child has a phobia of cutting their nails, get assistance on how to properly help them overcome these concerns.

While toddlers may find nail cutting painful, it would be a stretch to label it as a phobia. 

It’s possible that they have had a bad encounter in the past with anything bright, and those sentiments have surfaced, making them terrified of the cutters.

This is not to say that they don’t exist, but I think you should look for alternative causes for your difficulties before calling them actual phobias.

Not used to Nail Clippers

Toddlers can feel uncomfortable when using the clipping tools if they are not used to them. This happens a lot if nail cutting isnt done regularly. 

They might probably be scared of the sound the nail clipper makes when nails are cut.

Some toddlers might even struggle to take the clippers from our hand, and if you know anything, it’s that a baby’s grasp can cause even the toughest mom to lose the battle. 

Other Reasons

Here are a couple of more reasons I could think of why a toddler wont me cut nails:

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  • They find it difficult to accept cutting small parts of their body. However if this was the case, they most likely have difficulty accepting haircuts as well.
  • They may be uncomfortable with the physical and aural sensations involved, or they may not comprehend them.
  • They are confused as to why they should cut their nails.

How to Cut Baby Nails When They Wont Let You

First of all, its important to be patient. Your toddler is probably not trying to be difficult, theyre just scared or uncertain. It might help to explain what youre doing and why its important.

Its also a good idea to have some distractions on hand. If your toddler is occupied with something else, they are less likely to struggle when you are cutting their nails.

Here are some tips and ideas to make the whole experience a lot easier:

  • Remember that a babys nails will be softer right after they take a bath. As a result, the sound of the nail cutter may appear less threatening.
  • Make it a game by searching for little nail fragments on each finger together.
  • Help the toddler become used to the sound of the nail clipper by clipping your or someone else’s nails while he or she is there.
  • Make a nail clipping regimen that you will follow every time. Dinner, special dessert, bath time, nail trimming (always done in the same area), popcorn, and a movie, for example, might be part of your routine.
  • To desensitize the toddler’s skin, massage or rub his/her hands with a cloth before cutting his/her nails.
  • Choose a time of day when your little one is usually peaceful and well-rested.
  • Teach your toddler why it is important to cut their nails and maybe show them a couple of pictures of what it would be like if they dont cut them regularly. 
  • Set up a monthly nail cutting routine and mark the calendar with the next nail clipping day. This will help the toddler anticipate the event.
  • Play music while cutting the child’s nails to muffle the sound made by the nail clipper.


How Can I Get My Baby to Stay Still While Cutting His Nails?

Before cutting the babys nails, introduce something like a motor skills exercise (tag or tickling). Allowing the baby to run around and giggle before beginning to clip his or her nails will increase the likelihood of the child remaining quiet and peaceful afterwards.

How Do You Cut a 7 Month Olds Nails?

Use baby scissors with rounded points (to avoid inadvertently poking her if she startles while youre working) or a clipper specialized for the job some even have built-in magnifying lenses to help you get a good look.

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