Baby Shoulder Popping When Picked Up? Here’s Why

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If you’ve ever picked up your baby and heard a popping sound coming from their shoulder, you’re not alone. The good news is that these popping sounds are actually quite common and are usually nothing to worry about.

In this post, we will go through everything you need to know about your baby shoulder popping when picked up, from what causes it, to a few tips on how to reduce these sounds. 

Is It Normal for a Baby’s Shoulder to Pop?

It may surprise you to learn that it is pretty normal for a toddler’s shoulder to make popping sounds in their joints, and these sounds are mainly comparable to knuckle cracking.

Is It Normal for a Baby's Shoulder to Pop

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It is also worth noting that the shoulder is a complex area of the skeleton where the head of the long bone can quickly become caught.

Over time, research has revealed that the noise may be caused by gas escaping from the joints. Scientists believe that these noises are produced when soft tissues (tendons) come into contact with hard tissues (bones) and friction occurs.

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Why Does My Babys Shoulder Pop When Pick Up?

Hearing a noise like that from your infant might be unsettling, but it’s most likely simply slipping tendons.This normally happens when the soft tissues like tendons contact rigid tissues, like bones.

Why Does My Babys Shoulder Pop

Popping sounds (similar to the sound of knuckles cracking) coming from your baby when you pick them up are normal and very common. Especially around the spine, ankles, knees and shoulders.

Crepitus is the medical term for it. Crepitus tissue is a term used to describe these noises produced by the contraction of muscles.

This might not be the case if the sound came from the hips, and sounded more like a clunk than a click. If this happens, consult a physician as soon as possible. A possible cause for this type of sound is Congenital hip dislocation.

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Other than the hips, the pop sound is very normal. And doesn’t need much of your concern. 

Another possible reason could be when air escapes from the lungs, and when pressure is given to the afflicted area, the split air becomes trapped between the joints, resulting in a popping sound.

How to Reduce Your Baby Shoulder Popping When Picked Up?

Most of the time, popping sounds are only momentary and harmless. Nonetheless, it is important to take the required steps to help minimize future shoulder popping or uncomfortable friction. 

Reduce Your Baby Shoulder Pop

Here are some tips to help reduce your babys shoulder popping when picked up.

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Benefits Of Sunlight

Exposing your baby or toddler to at least 30 minutes of morning sunlight can be very healthy for them.

The sunshine will combine to help your little ones body manufacture Vitamin D, which is essential for calcium absorption. Which in turn will strengthen the bones and helps to avoid the development of rickets.

Frequent Body Massages

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Gently rubbing your baby’s body with a high-quality skincare baby oil will assist in relaxing and balancing the joints.

Exclusive breastfeeding should also be done more often.

Careful Handling Of The Baby

Popping sounds are generally beneficial to the infant’s physical development, but it is still vital to treat the newborn with caution at all times.

It is normal for a mother to feel as if her kid owns a piece of her heart, and the role can be taxing at times, therefore it is fair to be concerned about every sound and crack heard in your baby’s joints.

Like I stated previously, most of these noises are normal and safe, but it is important to exercise caution when dealing with them to avoid future difficulties for your baby and you.


Do Babys Bones Randomly Pop Normally?

It is normal and very common for a babys bones to randomly pop. These mostly happen around the spine, shoulders, ankles and knees. This happens when the babys tendons touch the bones.

Can You Dislocate A Babys Shoulder?

A shoulder joint dislocation at birth is highly unusual. It can occur as a result of severe birth injury, brachial plexus damage, or congenital dislocation that occurs during pregnancy with no concurrent injury and is known as a probable dislocation.

Final Thoughts

Take note of how you hold you baby and check that your are holding your baby the correct way. Check that there is no change in your baby’s behaviour form normal after hearing a pop. If you baby appears to be in pain or is not moving in the normal way you should always seek urgent care. However in most circumstances the odd popping sound is normal. If you are concerned always seek medical advice from a Doctor.

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