Ergobaby Metro plus Stroller Review

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Is the Ergobaby Metro plus Stroller worth the investment? Find out in our comprehensive review, where we discuss its features, pros, and cons of this compact stroller against buying other leading models. Don’t make a decision without reading this!

Best for everyday and travel= Ergobaby Metro Plus

Best environmentally friendly = Joolz Aer 2

Best handling= Inglesina Quid 2

Best budget = BabyJogger City Tour 2

Best for flying with = BabyZen Yoyo

Metro+ Strollers / Save up to 30% when you bundle | No code needed / Summer Closeouts on select carriers

The Metro+ and Metro+ Dulux can take 0+ Infant car seats by Cybex, Nuna, Besafe or Maxi Cosi with Ergobaby car seat adaptors. However the stroller seat has to be removed in order to do this. Which means you would have to carry your car seat or stroller seat if you were travelling with both, which is something to consider. The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 in comparison can fit infant car seats without removing the seat. The Ergobaby Metro+ strollers have a “nest” that converts the stroller into a pram without an additional carrycot. This has the advantage of not needing an additional accessory to keep a baby safe and secure, and the disadvantage of having to wake the baby up if needing to fold the stroller.

Based on these reviews, the main strengths and weaknesses of the Ergobaby Metro+ Compact Baby Stroller are:


  • Compact: Most users love how small this stroller gets. It’s easy to carry and fits into most airplane overhead storage bins, making it great for travel.
  • Comfortable: The stroller is comfortable for the child, with good cushioning on the seat and a multi-position recline.
  • Extras: The stroller comes with a full-coverage sun shade and a free rain cover. Some versions also include extra storage underneath the stroller and a pouch on the back.
  • Sturdiness: Many reviewers commented on the stroller’s sturdiness and good build quality.


  • Difficult to fold/unfold: Some users find the stroller hard to fold and unfold, stating that it is not a one-handed operation.
  • Wheel issues: Some users report that the wheels can get stuck or become wobbly over time, making the stroller less effective on uneven terrain or off-road.
  • No storage pouch: Several users wish the stroller came with a storage pouch or cup holder for added convenience.
  • High handle: Some users mentioned that when the hood is closed, it is higher than the handle which makes it inconvenient.
  • Curved back: A user reported that their child’s back curved while sitting because the stroller bends, leading to uncomfortable slouching.

Ergobaby Metro + Dulux

Ergobaby Metro Plus


Overall, the Ergobaby Metro+ Compact Baby Stroller seems to be a strong choice for travel due to its compact size and lightweight design. However, potential buyers should be aware of the potential difficulty in folding and unfolding, as well as potential wheel and comfort issues.

ErgoBaby Metro + vs Joolz Aer +

Ergobaby Metro + Stroller


Suitable from Birth without additional carry cot or accessorize.

Folds down to cabin size from a pram.

Large seat so suitable for older and taller children

One hand fold

reinforced chassis

adjustable footrest

optional closed or mesh back

magnetic peek a boo window


Some users find the stroller harder to fold and unfold, stating that it is not a fully one-handed operation.

Wheel issues the stroller less effective on uneven terrain or off-road.

No storage pouch in standard model

High hood when closed:

Curved back

Joolz Aer +


Compact and Lightweight

Comfortable: good padding, an adjustable seat, a high-quality fabric

Easy to Fold and Unfold It’s designed to be handled with one hand,

Built-in Carry Strap

Peek-a-boo Window

Adjustable Footrest



Limited Storage

Non-adjustable Handlebar

Limited Canopy

Unimpressive Off-road Performance

Lack of Accessories

Overall these are both excellent strollers. The Joolz Aer+ is more expensive and slightly smaller than the ergobaby metro being below the IATA guidelines for cabin sized carry on strollers. Yet some airlines may still require it to be gate checked. The Joolz Aer+ has a smaller basket than both the Ergobaby Metro Dulux and the Ergobaby Metro and no longer comes with a raincover. The Ergobaby Metro might be more comfortable for taller or shorter than average parents as it comes with an adjustable handlebar. Whereas the Joolz Aer+ offers great sustainability and a 10 year warranty. The carry cot addition my be preferential for parents who want to use this as a regular stroller for city use. For less money with the raincover included the Ergobaby Metro Dulux, The Ergo Baby Metro is a more affordable no frills option which has less padding and different textiles, a smaller basket (tho still larger than the Joolz Aer +) than the deluxe model. The Joolz Aer + is quite a bit lighter than the Ergo Baby Metro +. Overall considering they are a similar size the Ergobaby Metro + has comfier seating but is a fair bit heavier. If you are not going to carry the stroller a long way overall the Ergobaby Metro + and the Deluxe model both represent better value for money and better comfort for your baby.

ErgoBaby Metro + vs Babyzen Yoyo2

The Babyzen Yoyo2 is a tried and tested model of ultra compact travel stroller that is highly recommended by parents. It has been adapted from its earlier models including a strengthened frame to accomodate a higher weight limit, more colour options on the frame and fabrics, better suspension and additional storage.

The newest YoYo2 is adaptable with more car seats that before including the popular Cybex Cloud Z infant car seat, YOYO car seat by BeSafe®, BeSafe iZi Go Modular X1, Cybex Aton Q, Maxi-Cosi Pebble Pro, and Maxi-Cosi Cabrofix.

Most agree that this is an excellent stroller, but it comes with a high price tag and in’t very suitable for more uneven terrains. However if you only use your stroller in the city this could legitimately be your only stroller. In comparison the the ErgoBaby Metro+ it doesn’t represent good value for money as the performance of the two is similar. The overall advantage of the Babyzen is that it is one of the smallest strollers on the market, smaller and lighter than the ErgoBaby entirely removing any concern that it would be acceptable as cabin luggage.

Based on 1000s of online reviews, here is a list of pros and cons for the Babyzen Yoyo 2 stroller:


Compact and easy to fold, which makes it very portable and perfect for travel and use in public transportation.

Lightweight and easy to maneuver, allowing it to roll smoothly.

Includes a backpack-type carrying option for when the stroller is folded.

The materials used in its construction are sturdy, providing a sense of reliability.

Good sized seat frame for taller toddlers, as it can comfortably accommodate children of different weights and ages.

Has a pleasing aesthetic with clean lines and an array of available colors.

Recline modes adjustable with two straps on the backside, suitable for both sitting and relaxing.

Despite its compact size, it feels secure and not rickety when pushing.

Suitable from birth with newborn pack


Some essential accessories like the cup holder and raincover are not included in the package and need to be purchased separately.

It lacks the feature of a parent-facing view that some other strollers offer.

Some users found the assembly process a bit complicated with many parts.

The footrest may not be suitable for all children, and the basket’s design makes it somewhat difficult to use due to the center bar.

Some users reported wanting more upright seating options for the child.

Some customers felt that the price was high compared to the features offered.

Ergobaby Metro + vs Inglesina Quid

The Inglesina Quid is a beautiful stroller suitable from 4 months, it handles better than most ultra compact strollers on uneven terrain and has the feel of a larger stroller whilst being really light. It has a flip flop friendly break and high quality fabrics, is really light, but isn’t from birth and does require two hands to fold, there have been some complaints of the fold out mechanism being difficult to snap into place after heavy use. This has higher quality fabrics than the Ergobaby Metro+ and is comparable to the Deluxe. Its a good quality stroller than can take more uneven terrain than most lightweight strollers.

Here are a list of pros and cons for the Inglesina Quid Stroller review based on 1000s of reviews;


Lightweight and compact: At just 13 lbs, the stroller is easy to carry and fits into most airplane cabins or car trunks.

Easy to fold: Despite requiring two hands, the stroller has a convenient and simple folding mechanism.

Smooth maneuverability: The stroller handles well, even with one-hand steering.

High-quality material: The fabric used is praised for its comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Large canopy: The stroller offers a generous sunshade, providing ample protection for the baby.

One-handed open: It has an easy-to-open design which can be handy for busy parents.

Adjustable leg rest: Provides comfort for the child at different stages.

Suitable for children up to 50 lbs: This feature expands the stroller’s usability for a longer period.


Lack of accessories: The stroller does not come with a rain cover, child tray, or cup holders, which could be inconvenient for some parents.

Requires two hands to fold and unfold: Some parents might prefer a one-hand folding system for convenience.

Small storage basket: The basket can only accommodate small items, making it less practical for longer trips or shopping.

Uncomfortable handlebar: The sunshade, when fully extended, can rub against the handlebar, making it uncomfortable to push the stroller.

Handlebar not adjustable: This could pose problems for taller parents.

Wheels: They are made of plastic and might not absorb shocks as well as foam wheels, potentially making the ride less comfortable on uneven surfaces.

Overpriced: Given the cons, some customers felt that the stroller did not offer value for its price tag.

Assembly instructions: The manual consists only of pictures with no written instructions, which can make the assembly process frustrating.

Ergobaby Metro + vs Baby Jogger City Tour 2

The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is a really good option for its price range and a very good option from travelling with a baby under 6 months. It is compatible with infant car seats; Graco Snugride Snuglock 35 Elite, 35 Platinum, Click Connect 35 LX (with adapter). Unlike the Ergobaby Metro+ infant car seats with adaptors can be attached to the stroller without removing the stroller seat. Additionally, the City Mini 2 carrycot, Deluxe Carrycot 2 and City Tour 2 carrycot can be used for overnight sleeping when not used on a chassis or stand this is a significant advantage for overnight travel. The Ergobaby Metro+ in comparison has a more luxury feel and comes with more accessorize it is also more ergonomically comfortable for your baby without the need of a carry cot. Although a carry cot is not needed for the Baby Jogger City tour to accomodate a newborn it lacks the padding nest that most parents would want for their newborn without it. With carry cot Baby Jogger City Tour 2 significantly more expensive than the Ergobaby Metro+ and Metro+ Deluxe.


High Durability: Withstood intense usage in multiple environments like Rome, Florence, and Cinque Terre’s bumpy roads, curb hops, trains, and airport terminals.

Compact Size: It fits in overhead compartments in planes, under tables at restaurants and essentially anywhere due to its compact design.

Cost-Effective: Offers great value for its price as compared to other expensive strollers.

Perfect for Travel: Can be taken on board in planes, fits perfectly in the overhead compartment.

Easy Assembly: Comes fully assembled, only the wheels need to be attached which takes less than 30 seconds.

Comfort Features: Comes with a footrest and an almost flat reclining backrest which makes it ideal for naps.

Lightweight: It is easy to push and feels very lightweight compared to bigger strollers.

Easy to Fold: Can be folded very small and is impressive for traveling.

Suitable for Everyday Use: It’s not just a travel stroller, it can also be used for everyday tasks like shopping.

Good for Napping: The stroller can recline really far back, making it comfortable for toddlers to take naps in it.

A choice of carry cots can be purchase to fit the stroller that are also safe for overnight travel

Can have adaptors fitted to stroller to attach infant car seats.


Maintaining Folded Position: Its ability to stay folded can deteriorate over intense usage.

Small Storage Basket: The basket is small and can only hold a small purse.

Canopy Size: The sun canopy could be larger because the sun hits directly on the baby’s chest.

Difficult to Open: Some users have reported that it’s cumbersome to open the stroller.

Noise: When the stroller is empty and being pushed, it produces a lot of noise.

Inaccessible Storage Basket: There is a metal bar on top of the basket which restricts accessibility.

Brake Issues: There have been complaints about the stroller’s brakes not working effectively.

Short Backboard: The short backboard can be uncomfortable for taller children.

Build Quality: Some users reported that the stroller felt fragile and not as sturdy as they expected. Despite this independent stroller repairers say this is a good stroller for the budget.

Limited Features: Some customers wished it had more features for its price.

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