Gender Reveal Ideas That Are Easy to Do

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Gender reveals have become a cherished moment for many expecting parents. If you’re looking for simple yet memorable ways to share the joy of your baby’s gender with friends and family, you’re in the right place. Here are several easy-to-do gender reveal ideas that don’t require a massive effort but still promise a big impact:

  1. Balloons in a Box:
    Simply place blue or pink helium-filled balloons in a large box. When you open the box, the balloons will rise out, revealing the gender in a delightful way.
  2. Cake or Cupcake Surprise:
    Order or make a cake or cupcakes with the inside batter colored blue or pink. When you cut into the cake or bite into the cupcake, the gender is revealed!
  3. Confetti Popper:
    You can buy these pre-made or make them at home. Fill them with blue or pink confetti, and then pop them to shower the happy news.
  4. Silhouette Photo:
    For those who love photography, take a silhouette photo of the parents-to-be holding a blue or pink colored object or light. This makes for a unique and personal touch.
  5. Scratch-Off Cards:
    Design or purchase gender reveal scratch-off cards. Hand them to your guests and have everyone scratch at the same time to reveal the baby’s gender.
  6. Painted Hands:
    Dip your hands in blue or pink washable paint and place them on your belly, then take a memorable photo. Or, if you’re hosting a small gathering, have a canvas and allow guests to guess the gender by placing their handprint in the color they believe the baby will be.
  7. Gender Reveal Puzzle:
    Create a simple puzzle using an online platform or at a local print shop. The completed picture can reveal the gender. This adds a fun activity for your guests as they put it together.
  8. Theme to the season:For Example if your party is around christmas put the gender inside a bauble which you open in front of loved ones or hand all your guest a baubal with the gender of your baby inside. If its a summer party, GIve your guests pink or blue drinks as a reveal. In Autumn/fall a color changing bonfire can be a fun way to reveal the gender.
  1. Fortune Cookies:
    Order or make fortune cookies with a note inside revealing the gender. Distribute them at a family dinner or gathering for a sweet surprise.
  2. Simple Envelope:
    Sometimes, simplicity says it best. Place a sonogram or a note inside an envelope and open it with your loved ones around. The anticipation and shared moment can be just as emotional as any grand gesture.

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Online Gender Reveal Ideas

If you don’t want to throw a party or would like to announce the Gender of your baby before a baby shower, why not announce the gender online.

you could invite all your family and friends to a whatsapp group and film as you pop a confetti balllon with a symbolic color. Or slice into a cake with colored a colored filling representing male and female. Why not create a video on Canva to share with relatives and friends that can’t make the date to make your announcement stand out.

Gender Reveal Decorations


Gender reveal balloons don’t have to be blue and pink, although you could make a deal of this an have a Barbie or Ken theme! Why not try gender neural colours such as silver and gold or traditional Christmas colors if it’s the season to be jolly. So long as you tell your guest which colour represents which sex you can be unique and do something a little different.


You can buy banners from Amazon that come in a variety of colours. Check for Amazon’s Climate Pledge Badge to purchase to most sustainable products. Etsy also has suppliers sourcing themed packages.


Boy or Girl cake toppings look great on a simply iced multiple layered cake with a colored middle revealing the baby’s sex. Sparklers are great, have one that says “Boy” and one that says “girl and light the one thats appropriate

Another way to reveal the sex is to scoop out the centre of the middle layer of cake and fill with candy representing the sex of the baby, when the cake is cut the colored filling will spill out.

Top Tips

Get a friend to take photos and short film clips of the reveal to send to those who couldnt attend and for your baby’s photo album. You will treasure these memories and don’t want to miss anything.

Alternatively, buy a phone stand and selfie stick and control the photos from your apple watch.

Final Thoughts

While these are all wonderful ways to celebrate and reveal your baby’s gender, remember that the most important thing is the love and excitement surrounding the arrival of your new family member. You don’t have to go pink or blue, you can get neutral colors to express different sexes i.e silver and gold for example. Whether you opt for a grand party or an intimate gathering, choose a method that speaks to you and resonates with your unique story. Happy revealing!