Peekaboo Vs Sneak Peek Gender Test

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When it comes to home gender prediction tests, Peekaboo and Sneak Peek are two of the most popular ones out there and they both claim to be super accurate. But how do these tests compare, and which one is the best?

In this post, we will take a detailed look at the similarities and the differences between the two gender prediction tests including their accuracy, blood collection process and the result delivery speed. 

Peekaboo Vs Sneak Peek

The main difference between Sneak Peek and Peekaboo is that Sneak Peek is more accurate and the blood collection is a lot easier compared to Peekaboo. However, Peekaboo delivers the results faster and is cheaper than Sneak Peek.

Drawing Blood sneak peek

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Lets now take a look at the differences between the two in greater detail.


Both of these tests are done the same way. The people at the lab analyses your blood looking for a Y chromosome. If they find it, you are going to have a baby boy! If a Y chromosome is not found, youre having a baby girl!

While both companies claim to be around 99.5% – 99.9% accurate at 7 weeks of pregnancy, Sneak Peek is more accurate than Peekaboo

peekaboo Accuracy

Most people seem to find sneak peek results were more accurate and there were plenty of good reviews at the official site as well as amazon and only has about 12% 1 star reviews.

Peekaboo has a massive 28% 1 stars but some of these are because of the blood collection difficulties (more on this later). However, this doesnt mean that Peekaboo is not accurate. It gives accurate results most of the time.

Keep in mind that any contamination has a direct impact on the accuracy of both these tests. But still, it is possible that both could give wrong results.

Drawing Blood

Both Sneak Peek and Peekaboo require the same amount of blood. However, Sneak Peek offers a cleaner, easier and faster blood collection process, plus their directions are clearer compared to Peekaboo. Sneak Peek also comes with a wrist tourniquet which makes getting the blood easier. 

Getting enough blood on Peekaboo is rather hard and it will require at least a couple (or more) pokes due to the fact that their lancet makes a smaller incision and the kit doesnt come with a tourniquet. 

If you plan on doing a Peekaboo test, use something tight on your wrist like a rubber band or hair tie. This will make blood drip easier.


Peekaboo tests are cheaper than Sneak Peek. Peekaboo costs $69 and the standard Sneak Peek costs $79, which is a $10 difference. 

Both of these offer extras or PRO services, where the let professionals take your blood service of Peekaboo costs $149 and the Same day results service of Sneak Peek costs $159.

Results Delivery

Peekaboo sends the results faster than Sneak Peek. Plus you DONT have to pay anything EXTRA! 

Most of the time Peekaboo delivers the results within a day, though sometimes it might take 2 days. However a majority of the people who did the test got their results the very next day. On the other hand, Sneak Peek tends to take around 2- 4 days to send the results.  


Peekaboo ships FedX while Sneak Peek ships through USPS. Thus Peekaboo tends to arrive faster than Sneak Peek and it’s one of the reasons why peekaboo is faster at sending results.

Additional Services peekaboo

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Additional Services Or Extras

Sneak Peek offers a snap device which is easier to get the blood from compared to their standard lancet as an extra. They also offer an extra for faster or same day result packages where your results are prioritized at SneakPeek Labs. 

Peekaboo on the other hand, offers to get the blood collection done by professionals where theyll arrange an appointment at the nearest facility to you.  

Results Email

Peekaboo emails your results as a PDF attachment while Sneak Peek has the results right on the email.

So, if the news is a big surprise dont open the email from Sneak Peek until you are with everyone. Peekaboo is okay to open without the results being shown right away. 

sneak peak results


Both Peekaboo and Sneak Peek have money back guarantees if the results are wrong. 

In case the results are wrong, both require you to email them a photo or a scan of the baby’s birth certificate along with the order number, and once it’s validated theyll usually refund within 7 to 10 business days.

Bottom Line

Overall, both of these tests have their ups and downs but Sneak Peek is a lot better at most of the important aspects. So if you are looking for the most convenient and accurate test, Sneak Peek is the best choice. Peekaboo on the other hand delivers results faster and is cheaper plus it is accurate most of the time too. 

However, the most important question you should be asking yourself is, is doing an early gender check a good decision?  Is it worth all the stress and confusion? Because there is a possibility that these results could be wrong. If you could wait a few more weeks you can get a much more accurate NIPT test done.    

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  1. i did a peek a boo test and I got boy result but I’m wondering if it’s possible it could have been contaminated with male DNA. when we did the test I washed my hands and I used a cloth that to be honest everyone in the household uses. (5 boys 3 girls) but you know afterwards I used a alcohol pad anyways that the kit provided. until then we took a break and I went outside with my baby boy and was holding him for a few. came back inside and my mother in law was helping me so she washed her hands again and so did I but this time I used the wash cloth but didn’t use an alcohol pad I just continued as it was. and thennn we accidentally dropped the cap on the ground and we do have only male dogs that stay in the house so we picked it up had a bit of dirt and we threw the alcohol pads away so we had to pick one out the trash to clean the cap 🤦🏻‍♀️ and no we didn’t wipe the surface where we put the tub to sit. it was on the microwave and everyone uses it. is it possible tho to have been contaminated?

    • Thanks for your query, we don’t represent either of these brands so it would be best to contact them directly. However, I would suggest that if you have not followed the manufacturer’s guidelines to the letter, there is always a chance that the result could be faulty. Best of luck with your pregnancy and your new arrival.


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