Halo Bassinet Vs Dock A Tot (Compared)

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Since writing this post the United States Consumer Product Safety Commision CPSC has issued a Notice of Violation, stating to Dockatot that it cannot import, sell or distribute any Dockatot Deluxe+ made after June 23, 2022. If you have been using Dockatot Immediateley discontinue its use as there have been infant deaths associated with this product.

If you’re like most parents, you only want the best for your baby. When it comes to choosing the perfect co sleeper for your little one to sleep in, you have many options. But which one is the best for your baby?

The Halo BassiNest and Dock A Tots are two of the most popular choices on the market these days, and this post will give you a detailed breakdown of the differences and similarities between the two, to help you decide which one to choose. 

Before we begin the comparison, let’s take a quick look at what these products are.

Are They Both Bassinets?

The DockATot is an in-bed co-sleeper. It is a multi-functional lounging, playtime, and naptime dock for babies and toddlers up to 8 months. It is not a bassinet and it should never be used as one

Halo Bassinets on the other hand is an actual bassinet and is safe for sleeping overnight. 

Halo Bassinet Vs Dock A Tot: Detailed Comparison

The main difference between Halo Bassinet and Dock A Tot is that the Halo bassinets are safer than Dock A Tots while the Dock A Tot is more portable, easier to clean, easier to travel with and a lot cheaper than the halo bassinest.   

Let’s look at some of the differences in greater details.


Halo Bassinets are safer than Dock A Tots for sleeping through the night. 

DockATot is NOT SAFE for your child to sleep because it has raised sides that could cause a breathing obstruction if your infant rolls over and you don’t see it. 

dockatot not safe for night sleep

Halo Bassinets are great for overnight sleeping and can be used on either side of the bed thanks to its 360 range of motion.  


Halo BassiNests models cost around $100 – $500

Age and Weight Limit

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The Halo Bassinet is safe for babies who are under 5 months old or that weigh below 20 lbs. The Dock A Tot was made for babies who are under 8 months old and weigh below 22 lbs.



Cleaning halo bassinet

Halo BassiNest comes with a removable polyester sheet that can be machine washed. However, cleaning the mattress is a bit tricker. You can use a damp cloth with some mild cleaning solution/soap or tea tree oil and rubbing alcohol would help with the stains. To clean the mesh, you can use either baking soda or citrus solution.

Safety Certifications

The Halo BassiNest is JPMA certified and it meets all the requirements of CPSC, ASTM and Health Canada requirements on the consumer safety specification (ASTM F2194-16e1). 

The Dock A Tot is Oeko-Tex certified and complies with the BS5852, BS4578, 16 CRF 1632 and ASTM F-963-11 safety standards, plus a few more which you can read here.

Since writing this post the CPSC have issued a NOTICE OF VIOLATION to DOCKATOCK due to infant deaths being associated with this product. DISCONTINUE ITS USE IMMEDIATELY.


You can easily move a Halo bassinet around but it’s not meant for travel, rather, it’s made to be moved from room to room around the house with ease. 

travel with dockatot


Halo bassinets are made from 100% polyester materials.


Halo Bassinets are designed, made and distributed in the United States while the Dock A Tot is manufactured in Europe and designed in Sweden.


The Halo BassiNest is great (and safe!) for what it is intended for. Halo is a great bassinet. WE CANNOT RECOMMEND THE USE OF DOCKATOT whilst it is in violation with CPSC standards. If you want to know more you can read about incidents related with this product or any other on the CPSC website. However, these articles don’t make pleasant reading and may increase anxiety in parents. If you have a DOCKATOT we recommend throwing it in the bin!

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If you are looking for something that your little one could sleep the night through, the Halo BassiNest is the safest option but if you are just looking for co sleeper Dock A Tot is definitely the best choice as it’s easier to clean and travel with plus it’s way cheaper!


Is It Safe To Put Dockatot In Halo Bassinest?

While there are some parents who do it, putting a DockATot inside a Halo BassiNest is a bad idea and is not safe. Both the companies say not to do it and even the AAP says not to do it.

Can You Use A Dockatot As A Bassinet?

No, you cant use DockATot as a bassinet as it is not safe for your little one, theres even a warning label on DockATot that says not to use it as one.

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