Baby Ate Paper (What You Should Do)

Baby Ate Paper

It’s normal for babies to put everything in their mouths. Even if something seems totally unappealing for us, such as paper, it may very well be the most delicious thing your baby has ever tasted. So, what should you do if your baby ate paper? Well, the good news is that paper isn’t toxic in … Read more

Baby Poop Smell Like Fish (Explained)

Baby Poop Smell Like Fish

Wondering why your baby’s poop smells like fish and looks green and sometimes sticky? Generally, baby poop may smell like fish because of an underlying medical issue, such as an infection, allergic reaction or a digestive issue.  You should be concerned if your baby is showing other symptoms that I am going to talk about … Read more

Baby’s Head Fell Back Unsupported (Should I Be Worried?)

Baby’s Head Fell Back Unsupported

Newborn babies feel like the most fragile thing in the world. They can’t hold their heads straight up without a little support. But what if you were carrying the baby and their head just fell back unexpectedly?  First of all, check how the baby is reacting. If they look fine, there’s less chance of injury. … Read more

Is Hey Bear Sensory Bad For Babies?

is hey bear sensory bad for babies

Yes all screens are bad for babies! However, the Hey Bear Sensory Channel has no harmful content. It’s filled with charming colorful, high contrast videos that are very stimulating for an infant’s senses. This can be helpful for distracting a baby and giving you a well needed break. However, it’s not good for your baby … Read more

Is Miss Rachel Good For Babies?

Is Miss Rachel Good For Babies

YouTube videos are interactive and fun, and most toddlers prefer to watch them instead of watching TV.  Although it’s debatable whether such screen time is beneficial for kids, many parents believe that it offers them a good opportunity to learn new things. But one of the biggest issues with YouTube is that you have to … Read more