Best Pants For Baby With Big Thighs

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If you have a baby with big thighs, you know the struggle of finding pants that actually fit. Most pants are either too tight in the thigh or too loose in the waist. 

The struggle is real, but there is hope! I’ve compiled a list of the best pants for baby with big thighs. These pants are affordable, comfortable, and most importantly, they actually fit! So if you’re struggling to find pants that fit your little one, read on for the best options out there.

10 Best Pants For Baby With Big Thighs

These are some of the best pants out there, and out of these the Hanes jogger pants and Gerber Baby Girls pants are my favorites! 

So without further ado, here are the best pants for babies with big thighs!

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1. Hanes Ultimate Baby Flexy Adjustable Fit Knit Jogger Pants

My Favorite! These amazing pants are specifically designed to accommodate those beautiful, chubby legs. 

They are extremely flexible, incredibly soft, and come in four straightforward sizes so that they can be worn by infants for a longer period.

Hanes Ultimate Baby Flexy Adjustable Fit Knit Jogger Pants

Some of the best features of these pants are,

  • A 4-way stretch ensures that it will fit you perfectly in every direction.
  • A covered elastic waistband provides additional comfort and may be folded to provide additional flexibility and achieve the ideal length.
  • Cuffs that may be adjusted to provide additional mobility and ensure a proper fit at any length

2. Hanes Ultimate Baby Zippin 2 Pack Knit Pants

Another great pair of pants for chubby babies, the Hanes Ultimate Zippin Pants were created with a zipper so that changing newborns could be done more quickly and easily. 

Hanes Ultimate Baby Zippin 2 Pack Knit Pants

Among the many wonderful features are:

  • The zipper makes it easier to change the baby
  • A protective zipper panel and pocket keep the zipper from coming into contact with the baby’s skin.
  • The four-way stretch assures that it will fit you perfectly.
  • The fabric is super soft and flexible.
  • 4 sizes are offered in increments of 6 months, and it fits the infant for a longer period. 

3. Grow by Gerber Baby Girls 2-Pack Pants

This two-pack of baby girls’ pants is the perfect addition to her wardrobe. 

Grow by Gerber Baby Girls 2-Pack Pants

The pants are supple and comfy, with just the right amount of elasticity thanks to the use of a cotton and spandex combination. 

They come in 2 separate pant ensembles and have a gentle stretchable band at the waist. Create fun and adorable outfits for her by mixing and matching them with her favorite bodysuits and shirts!

4. Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Boys’ Fleece Pants

These Carter pants are composed entirely of polyester and are created in China. Additionally, the waistbands include covered elastic that is concealed within the fabric.

Simple Joys by Carter's Baby Boys' Fleece Pants

It should be noted that Carter has not neglected to include ribbed cuffs to their already fantastic pants. 

5. Artmine Boys 2-Pack Cargo Jogger Pants

These pants are perfect for wearing around the house, to school, on vacation, to get together with family or literally to anything!

Some of the incredible features of this pants are:

  • Fabricated with a strong and pill-resistant combination of polyester. 
  • Comfortable fitting is ensured by an elastic waist and bottoms.
  • The loose fit shape provides enough room for any sized thigh and is suitable for active boys.
  • Two huge and deep pockets on the side are excellent for carrying toys.

6. Gerber Baby Girls’ 4-Pack Pants

Another one of my favorites! Gerber pants are made to not only make your child feel their very best but also to give you some measure of mental and emotional relief as a parent. The pack includes a total of four pairs of pants with different colors: Pink, gray, navy and black with pink glitter hearts.

  • Has a soft elastic waistband that is gentle on your child’s tummy and provides comfort all day long.
  • Made up of incredibly gentle cotton fabric that your kid will go crazy about.

Gerber pants are great for both girls and boys with big thighs plus they are designed to meet the requirements of any family, with user-friendly adjustments, built-in safeguards, and exceptionally plush fabrics.

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7. HonesBorn Baby 3-Pack Flexy Pants and Leggings

The HonesBorn Baby Pants & Leggings have an excellent design that features a self-fabric cuff that rests at the ankle and is intended to provide your large thigh little one with comfort. 

These fabrics can be machine washed and they include an active drawstring at the waist, making it much simpler to dress and change diapers.

Remember that this pack includes three distinct pairs of pants for you to choose from. In addition, these pieces go through a series of testing to guarantee that the level of quality and comfort offered is up to the standards established by the parents.

8. Little Planet By Carter’s Baby 2-Pack Organic Cotton Grow-with-me Pants

These sweatpants are for newborns and they are so cute that you won’t be able to help but fall in love with them. 

The basic two-piece set features a tapered leg and an elastic-covered waistband for warmth, softness, and functionality. They are ideal not just for outings and adventures with Mom, but also for snuggling and playing at home.

They are made of 100% cotton and come in 2 pairs per pack. And as always, the Global Organic Textile Standard has validated the organic nature of these products (GOTS).

Little Planet by Carter is a return to simplicity. It is hand-crafted using only the purest organic fabrics and materials that are environmentally friendly.

9. Bouclede Baby Girls Long Bloomers 2 Pack Soft Slub Cotton Harem Pants

The Bouclede pants provide just the appropriate amount of room to move around in without becoming uncomfortable. It fits well even if your baby is a bit chubby in the thighs.

Slub cotton cloth, which is extremely soft, lightweight, flexible, and breathable material, is used to make each and every item in this apparel line plus they are machine washable. 

And due to its efficient sweat absorption, the baby’s skin will not become wet and will remain pleasant. 

The bouclede pants stand out from the crowd for the following reasons:

  • They are easy to wear thanks to the elastic waistline.
  • Protects against the harsh sunshine and the bothersome insect attacks that occur throughout the summer
  • Sizes are customizable and can fit little girls from 12 months to 7 years old.

10. Luvable Friends Baby Boys’ Cotton Pants

These pants by Luvable Friends are one the most comfortable pants for babies and toddlers with large thighs. They are soft, delicate and comforting, making them ideal for use while they are crawling, playing, or sleeping.

The pack comes with three pairs of pants and are made from 100% cotton. It’s a great value bundle that is both affordable and of great quality

These pants are designed to keep up with your energetic little one as a result of their comfort, coziness, and stretchability.


There you go, that’s my top 10 pants for babies with big thighs! All the pants are well-known and really impressive but the Hanes Ultimate Baby Flexy Adjustable Fit Knit Jogger Pants are the ones you should definitely have!

They are super durable, flexible and extremely soft! plus they come in four sizes so no matter how big your baby’s thighs are, they will fit.

And finally, before you order any pair, make sure they are of the appropriate size by checking out the size charts on Amazon and all the other online stores out there.